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Best Astrologer in Gurgaon
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Pt. Pawan Kaushik (Astrologer in Gurgaon)


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About Gurgaon

Gurgaon pronunciation is the sixth largest city in the
Indian state of Haryana. Gurgaon is the industrial and
financial center of Haryana. An important town in ancient
Hindu mythology, Astrologers in Gurgaon is one of Delhi’s
four major satellite cities and is part of the National
Capital Region of India. Over the past 10 years the city has undergone
rapid development and construction. A wave of Multinational
companies choose to locate their call centres in Gurgaon
after GE did so in 1997. Which has made Gurgaon the call
centre capital of the world. Multinational Companies also
chose to put their regional headquarters in Gurgaon instead
of Mumbai or Delhi. Today, Gurgaon is regarded as the best
city in India to work and the best city in India to live, according
to a survey by Business Today magazine. The per capita income
in Astrologers in Gurgaon is 122,212 INR, which makes it
the 3rd highest in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai.

Etymology, Gurgaon

The origin of the city’s name is steeped in Hindu
mythology. Legend has it that Gurgaon is the ancestral
village of Guru Dronacharya, the teacher of the Pandavas
and Kauravas in the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. In
Sanskrit, Guru means teacher, which in this case refers to
Dronacharya and Gram means village. According to Hindu mythology, the
village was gifted by the Expert Astrologers in gurgaon
Pandavas and Kauravas to Dronacharya the son of Rishi
Bhardwaj, and was therefore known as guru-gram. Over time
the colloquial term gaon (which also means village in
Prakrit) was substituted for gram and the name Gurgaon

History & Ethnicity, Gurgaon

Gurgaon has been under astrologers in gurgaon the
control of list of astrologers in gurgaon a succession of
rulers of Delhi and their appointees, including Yaduvanshi
Rajputs, Tughlaks, Khanzade Muslims and Mughals. A major
portion of astrologers in gurgaon sector 23 the current
population consists of Yadavs. During the British rule in India,
Gurgaon was integrated into the Punjab Province where it served as
district and tehsil headquarters. After directory of
astrologers in gurgaon India’s independence, astrologers in
Gurgaon, rather every part of what today is Haryana was a
part of the state of Punjab until the reorganization of
Punjab in 1966, when Punjab was divided into Punjab,
Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh thus forming Haryana.

Gurgaon remained a small farming top astrologers in gurgaon
village while neighbouring Delhi emerged as India’s
political capital. Delhi’s economic rise attracted a large
influx of laborers from neighboring regions like Rajasthan
and Bihar rapidly increasing Delhi’s population. By early
1990s, Delhi was one of the most populous and crowded cities
in the world and the need for best astrologers in gurgaon a satellite
city became more apparent. Gurgaon seemed like an ideal
choice given its vast undeveloped farming lands and
proximity to Delhi. Haryana Urban Development Authority
bought large areas of land from farmers in astrologers in
Gurgaon and developed residential and commercial sectors.

In the 1990s the Government of Genuine Astrologer in Gurgaon
Haryana reformed their tax laws, thereby attracting
private companies to build world-class buildings in
Gurgaon. The close proximity of Delhi famous astrologers in
gurgaon International Airport also attracted private
firms. The recent completion of the privatized Delhi-Gurgaon expressway
provides Gurgaon with world-class connectivity to Delhi
International Airport, which has in turn attracted even
more firms to locate their offices in Gurgaon.

Ethnicity: -

The original Gurgaon residents were good astrologers people
from different leading astrologers in gurgaon delhi
communities, but around 49% of the resident were Yadavs as
biggest community and remaining 40% are Gujjars, Jats,
Saini and Rajputs and every village small or big have
Dalits community. Gurgaon was home to a significant Muslim Genuine
Astrologers in Gurgaon population before partition; most were
settled here after the bloody 1857 War of Independence from
Delhi and Northwestern Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh). They
migrated to Pakistan after partition expert astrologers in
gurgaon (though many remained in the Patuadi and Firozpur
Jhirka states); later on thousands of Punjabis (Hindu
Immigrants from Pakistan’s Punjab) who came here after partition
of the country in 1947 made their home here, but today it is
populated by people from across the globe.

Geography, Gurgaon

Gurgaon is located at 28°28′N 77°02′E It has an average
elevation of 220 metres (721 ft). Gurgaon district,
comprising four blocks Pataudi, Sohna, Gurgaon and
Farrukhnagar, was created on 15 August, 1979. It is the
southern-most district of Haryana. On its north, it is bounded by
the district of Rohtak and the Union Territory of Delhi.
Faridabad district lies to its east. On its south, the
jyotish in gurgaon, district great astrologers in gurgaon
India shares boundaries with the states of Uttar Pradesh
and Rajasthan. To its west lies the district of Rewari and
the State of Rajasthan. Gurgaon is situated between the
Himalayas and Aravalis mountain ranges. It is surrounded on three sides
by Haryana and to the east, across the river Yamuna by
Uttar Pradesh. Its greatest length is around 13 miles and
the greatest breadth is 17 miles. Delhi’s altitude ranges
between 213 to 305 meters above sea level.

The Sultanpur National Park, located exactly at 15.32 km
from the centre of the city, is a astrologers in gurgaon
protected migratory bird sanctuary for the Sarus Crane,
Indian Peafowl, Eurasian Wigeon and other birds.

Demographics, Gurgaon

As of 2001 India census, Gurgaon had a population of
228,820. Males constitute 54% of the population and females
46%. Gurgaon has an average literacy rate of 77%, higher
than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 81%,
and female literacy is 73%. In Gurgaon, 13% of the
population is under 6 years of age.

Government & Politics, Gurgaon
Haryana has five seats in the Rajya Sabha, the upper
house of India’s national parliament, and ten in the Lok
Sabha, the lower house. The largest political parties in
Haryana are the Indian National Congress, Bahujan Samaj
Party, top jyotish in gurgaon Haryana Janhit Congress,
Bhartiya Janata Party and Indian National Lok Dal. It has a stable
government under Bhupinder Singh Hooda who is the Chief Minister
of the state and Rao Inderjit Singh as newly elected
Member of Parliament from astrologers in Gurgaon.

Economics, Gurgaon

Favorable tax policy by the Haryana government, the
construction of buildings by private companies after
pressure was placed on the Haryana government by Rajiv
Gandhi, improvement in the city’s infrastructure by Haryana
Urban Development Authority after pressure from the media, and
its proximity to Indira Gandhi International Airport saw the
emergence of astrologers in Gurgaon as one of the best
jyotish in gurgaon most vedic astrologers in gurgaon
prominent outsourcing and offshoring hubs in the world.
Real estate, automobiles, retail and banking are other
major industries. Horoscope Readers in Gurgaon contributes over 50% of
Haryana’s income tax revenues along with Faridabad.

The distribution of outsourcing companies is skewed towards
non-IT services[citation needed]. India’s horoscope readers
in gurgaon outsourcing industry was born in Gurgaon in
1997 when GE Capital International Services (GECIS) was set
up as the India-based business process services operations
of GE Capital[citation needed]. In 2005, GECIS became an
independent jyotish in gurgaon company – Genpact, which is
now headquartered in Gurgaon. This trend continued after several
other firms established themselves in the city. Gurgaon also has a
major jyotishi in gurgaon manufacturing industry. Car
manufacturing facilities include India’s largest passenger
car company, Maruti Suzuki, and BMW. Hero Honda, the motor
cycle company is based in astrologers in Gurgaon.

Retail is another big industry in Gurgaon, where there are
43 malls, including the biggest, Mall of India, giving
Gurgaon the 3rd highest number of malls in an Indian city.

Urbanism, Gurgaon

Initially a small farming village located southwest of
Delhi, Gurgaon saw a massive increase best jyotish in
gurgaon in its population and economy after the real estate
developer, DLF Group, bought farms owned by local
people[citation needed] and started developing housing

In Hindu and Mughal times the city was largely made up of
the temples and famous jyotish in gurgaon forts which were
used as a barrier to secure Delhi. The present city of
astrologers in Gurgaon can be considered the metropolitan
area encompassing every settlement around the original
city, and expanding even further with the establishment of
new neighbourhoods and districts.

Transportation, Gurgaon


Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi is 10 km from the city center.


An eight lane expressway runs between Delhi and Gurgaon and
connects to NH8 (Delhi-Jaipur-Mumbai national highway). The
expresswayconnects to Dhaula Kuan in Delhi over a distance
of 28 km. Buses connect Gurgaon bus station to Delhi and
to cities and towns in top jyotish in gurgaon Haryana and
neighboring states.

The expressway is being extended to Jaipur (225.6km) and will be completed in June 2011.


The Gurgaon railway station located at western end of the
original city connects to Rewari towards the south and Delhi.



The main bus depot of the city connects to neighboring towns
including Delhi, Jaipur, Alwar and Chandigarh. There are
also buses to Rohtak, Jammu, Faridabad, Dharuera and
others. Recently, the Gurgaon administration and good
jyotish in gurgaon Haryana gurgaon astrologers in gurgaon
Roadways have bought a number of Ashok Leyland low floor bus
and started some new city bus service routes in New Gurgaon that
connect MG Road to the many business parks like DLF City
and Unitech International famous jyotish in gurgaon
Business Park. The Delhi Transport Corporation also runs
buses on the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway.


Gurgaon Metro

Two Metro projects are under way in Gurgaon. The Yellow Line
of the Best Horoscope Readers in Gurgaon Delhi Metro is
being extended into Gurgaon, with five stations along MG
Road. The line is expected to be completed by June 2010.

In addition, the privately owned and operated DLF-financed
Gurgaon Metro Rail Link is planned to connect the Delhi
Metro’s Sikanderpur Station to NH-8, with six stations on a
6-km elevated link.

Education, Gurgaon

Schools and higher educational institutions in Delhi are
administered either by the Directorate of Education, the
NCT government, or private organizations.

The city is home to the Management Development Institute;
ITM (Institute Of Technology and Management); Gurgaon
Institute of Technology and Management; ILMS (Institute of
Law & Management Studies formerly known as National Law
College); IILM Institute for Higher Education, Dronacharya
college of Engineering, JK Business School (Sohna Road).

The city also has prestigious primary, middle, secondary and
high schools. Delhi Public School and Mother’s Pride are
two such examples.

Shopping, Gurgaon

Gurgaon is considered the “Mall Capital of India” as it is home to over 40 malls including the biggest, Mall of India.

In March 2008, a law went into effect in the state requiring
all malls and shopping centers to be closed one day per
week in order to conserve electricity and help traffic flow
so all malls and shopping centers are closed on Tuesday.

District Administration, Gurgaon

The Deputy Commissioner, an officer belonging to the
Indian Administrative Service, is the overall in-charge of
the General Administration in the district. He is assisted
by a number of officers belonging to Haryana Civil Service
and other Haryana state services. Till recently, the
Superintendent of Police, an officer belonging to the
Indian Police Service, used to be responsible for maintaining Law &
Order and related issues in the district. He was assisted
by the officers of the Haryana Police Service and other
Haryana Police officials.

Since June 2007 the Police System has been converted into
Commissioner system of policing like Delhi and Pune have.
Gurgaon now has a Police Commissioner and three Assistant
Commissioner (ACP) of IPS Cader. The Deputy Conservator of
Forests, an officer belonging to the Indian Forest Service,
is responsible for the management of the Forests,
Environment and Wild-Life in the district. He is assisted by the
officers of the astrologers in DLF Gurgoan Haryana Forest Service
and other Haryana Forest officials and Haryana Wild-Life

Sectoral development is looked after by the district
head/officer of each development department such as [PWD],
Health, Education, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, etc.
These officers are from state services.

Gurgaon has its own member of parliament (even though the
city itself makes up only a small portion of the Gurgaon
parliamentary Constituency and in state assembly it is
represented by vedic astrologers in Gurgaon and Badshahpur
Assembly constituencies). Any Indian citizens living in the
city can vote.

Sports & Recreation, Gurgaon

Gurgaon has two 18 hole golf courses and hosted the 2008 Johnnie Walker Classic at the DLF Golf and Country Club.

In August 2009, DLF Limited obtained a 350 acre (141.64 ha)
plot for 1750 crore INR ($361.6m) to build a recreation and
leisure park. DLF will spend 7 years and another 1700
crore INR to complete the project.

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